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How to Tell the Age of Your Roof in Cincinnati, OH

Learning how to tell the age of a roof before moving into a new home is essential for your safety. Broken decking systems, corroded flashings, and deterioration can damage the structural integrity of your roof and foundation. Fortunately, experts from the top-rated roof replacement company in Cincinnati OH, Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling, can explain how to avoid these problems with keen attention to detail.

Here are four industry-recommended ways to tell how old your roof structure is:

Ask the Previous Owners About Their Cincinnati Property

Don’t hesitate to ask the previous owners of your new home questions before or after you move in. Most residents won’t mind discussing the state of the property, especially if it means the difference between closing a deal and losing an offer. It may be wise to have a realtor or lawyer nearby to ensure you don’t get the wrong idea about your property.

You have other options at your disposal if you worry that the previous owners may lie about past roof repairs or installations. However, in most cases, this method provides the quickest answers.

Access Cincinnati’s Building Records

You may be able to access a copy of a residential or commercial building permit from the Cincinnati Permit Center. These records will list the date of your home’s last roofing installation. The city may be able to provide additional information upon request.

This option may not be available for every property. In that case, it’s best to take your inquiries to a professional roofing company.

Inspect the Roof for Damage

A roofing contractor can inspect your roof for signs of aging and damage. This practice will help them determine the approximate age of the roof and whether further repairs are necessary before you move. Here are some common indicators that your Cincinnati roof is several years old:

?      Significant buildup of moss and algae under shingles and between flashings

?      Wood rot and stains caused by years of water damage

?      Underlay blisters, sagging, or corrosion near joints

?      A tilting chimney

?      Rusty vents and gutters

?      Discoloration from UV exposure

Some of these roof problems may occur within just a few months. Others can develop over years without the proper upkeep.

Consult Professional Roof Contractors in Cincinnati

Professionals know how to tell the age of a roof thanks to years of industry wisdom and experience. You can schedule an at-home consultation in Cincinnati, OH, to discuss your concerns and what to do if your roof is over 15 years old. In most cases, they will likely recommend investing in a new roof for optimal energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Book an Inspection with Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling

Why wait to hire roof repair experts for your next home improvement in Cincinnati? Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling specializes in inspections, installations, and restorations at affordable rates.

They can educate you on how to tell the age of a roof and more when you call today.

Contact Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling in Cincinnati, OH, to see which options are right for your home or business.

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