How To Tell if Roof Shingles Are Bad on Your Cincinnati Home

Shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. But do you know how to tell if roof shingles are bad? 

Problematic shingles can lead to serious roof damage. So below, the roofing experts  from Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling share some important warning signs that your roof might have damaged shingles or related issues.

Warning Signs That Your Cincinnati Property’s Roof Shingles Need Professional Attention

Missing Shingles

Intense storms in Cincinnati can detach loose shingles, leaving open spaces above your home. Unfortunately, any missing shingles will expose the roof underlayment on the decking. If it rains before you replace those missing shingles, the areas beneath will sustain water damage while the other exposed shingles near the gaps take a hit.

Cracked, Curled, or Blistered Shingles

Cracks, blisters, and curling are the most common signs your asphalt shingles are damaged. 

Shingle blistering resembles shingle bruising, where you see granule loss in a small area with exposed underlayment. Curled shingles have raised edges. Cracked shingles have tears on their surface due to expanding and contracting from temperature changes.

Blistering occurs in old shingles but also with the following:

Shingle blisters, curls, and cracks will all leave the roof vulnerable to moisture damage. 

Loose Granules

One surprising sign of shingle damage is finding loose granules in your gutters or on the ground below the roof. The granules are tiny pellets that cover asphalt shingles to protect the roofing material from ultraviolet rays. When shingles degrade, these granules loosen and fall off.

Water Damage Inside the House

Moisture can seep under loose shingles, so you might not realize you have a leak until you notice signs of trouble inside your house. For example, reddish-brown water stains appearing on a ceiling or dripping water inside your attic could indicate a leak due to roof damage. 

Old Age

If you're wondering how to tell if roof shingles are bad without obvious signs of damage, consider your roof's lifespan. With proper installation and routine maintenance, Cincinnati's asphalt shingle roofs can last up to 25 years. However, if the roof is getting closer to the end, its shingles won’t hold up as well as they did originally. 

Even if you cannot see apparent damage, an experienced roofer's well-trained eye can identify hidden damage in an old roof and recommend viable solutions. 

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5 Reasons Why Roofing Fails in Cincinnati

When roofing fails, it leaves the entire building below it at risk for serious problems like pest infestations, leaks, and mold. But can you avoid these problems? Absolutely.

Choosing a professional roofing team will ensure your roof replacement in Cincinnati, Ohio, does not have design flaws. When you hire a roofing contractor, they’ll also navigate other problems with expertise, including the issues below.

Great Roofing Stays Away From These Five Mistakes

If you want to avoid serious roofing fails, the five areas below are crucial.

Poor Installation

Qualified Cincinnati professionals should use the proper tools and techniques to install your roof correctly so that it performs at its highest capacity. Something as minor as improper shingle placement will result in moisture damage and eventually a total roof collapse.

No Maintenance

No roof will last long without annual maintenance to check for missing, damaged, or loose shingles, catch evidence of moisture damage, and clean up leaves, twigs, and other debris. Professional roofing services also ensure that minor problems won't become major issues because the contractor will repair the damage right away.

Low-Quality Materials

Using inadequate materials in a roof installation is another way to cut corners during the project, but it won't produce long-lasting results. Using the highest quality materials within your budget is always a better idea. Otherwise, the money you save on materials will quickly sink into constant repairs.

Missing Flashing

Roof flashings are the metal strips that cover the joints around structures on a roof, like chimneys and skylights. Putting no flashing around the base of these structures is how inexperienced roofers cut costs. But it leaves the roof vulnerable to moisture damage. 

Flashing needs to be there to cover exposed seams because water easily seeps into the spaces where those structures meet the roof. 

Lack of Ventilation

Failing to include ventilation is a common roof design flaw. Whether you live in Cincinnati or a nearby community, your roof needs adequate ventilation to release heat and allow fresh air to circulate. 

The airflow helps reduce humidity in the attic and regulates indoor temperatures. It also ensures the roof can disperse the heat it accumulates. Without ventilation, your roofing shingles will curl and crack, leading to additional roof damage costs.

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5 Considerations When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Cincinnati, OH

Are you planning a roof restoration or installation in the near future? Hiring a roofing contractor with the right expertise will save you time and money on these challenging projects. However, knowing what to look for in a good contractor can be tough without some crucial information.

Below, the roofing specialists at Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling outline five factors to consider when searching for a new contractor. Read the following for an idea of what you’ll need, and then book a consultation with these world-class roofers.

#1 Licensing and Insurance

Safety should be a top priority when committing to an exterior home or business renovation. Always confirm that your potential roofing candidates in Cincinnati have the proper licensing and insurance to complete the job. Otherwise, you risk hiring a team that might do some damage to your roof or slide by on shoddy craftsmanship from novice contractors.

A reliable roofing contractor like Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling will comply with OSHA guidelines on your property and handle tools safely.

#2 Service Options in Cincinnati

Did you know that different types of roofing jobs in Cincinnati require different sets of skills? For example, a roofing installation requires extensive preplanning and personalization. Hiring a good roofer with a wide range of expertise and service options ensures you get the best value.

Check company websites before hiring a roofing contractor. Most companies will highlight their services under the navigation bar with keywords like:

#3 Contract Obligations

Never hire a roofer without reviewing their contract first. Honest roofers provide transparency and outline everything you can expect using vocabulary you can understand.

It’s also wise to hire a lawyer to review these documents before signing contracts. You could negotiate prices, services, and more, depending on your chosen company. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions during your initial consultation with a Cincinnati, Ohio, roofing or remodeling team.

#4 Excellent Communication

It’s a good idea to avoid contractors who don’t feel like the right choice after an initial consultation. Trust your gut. Plus, hiring a personable, friendly, and professional roofer promises a hassle-free experience.

Contractors with outstanding communication will:

#5 Fair Pricing and Estimates

Some homeowners wait too long for roof repairs and replacements because of cost concerns. However, reliable roofers will offer fair pricing, financing options, and accurate estimates for work in Cincinnati. Why not explore reviews and social media testimonials so that you know what to expect?

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How to Tell the Age of Your Property Roof

Learning how to tell the age of a roof before moving into a new home is essential for your safety. Broken decking systems, corroded flashings, and deterioration can damage the structural integrity of your roof and foundation. Fortunately, experts from the top-rated roofing company in Cincinnati, OH, Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling can explain how to avoid these problems with keen attention to detail.

Here are four industry-recommended ways to tell how old your roof structure is:

Inquire with the Previous Property Owners

Don’t hesitate to ask the previous owners of your new home questions before or after you move in. Most residents won’t mind discussing the state of the property, especially if it means the difference between closing a deal and losing an offer. It may be wise to have a realtor or lawyer nearby to ensure you don’t get the wrong idea about your property.

You have other options at your disposal if you worry that the previous owners may lie about past roof repairs or installations. However, in most cases, this method provides the quickest answers.

Access Cincinnati’s Building Records

You may be able to access a copy of a residential or commercial building permit from the Cincinnati Permit Center. These records will list the date of your home’s last roofing installation. The city may be able to provide additional information upon request.

This option may not be available for every property. In that case, it’s best to take your inquiries to a professional roofing company.

Inspect the Roof for Damage

A knowledgeable roofing contractor can inspect your roof for signs of aging and damage. This practice will help them determine the approximate age of the roof and whether further repairs are necessary before you move. Here are some common indicators that your roof is several years old:

?      Significant buildup of moss and algae under shingles and between flashings

?      Wood rot and stains caused by years of water damage

?      Underlay blisters, sagging, or corrosion near joints

?      A tilting chimney

?      Rusty vents and gutters

?      Discoloration from UV exposure

Some of these roof problems may occur within just a few months. Others can develop over years without the proper upkeep.

Consult Professional Roof Contractors in Your Area

Professionals know how to tell the age of a roof thanks to years of industry wisdom and experience. You can schedule an at-home consultation to discuss your concerns and what to do if your roof is over 15 years old. In most cases, they will likely recommend investing in a new roof for optimal energy efficiency and weather resistance.

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