Will a New Roof Increase Appraisal Value in Cincinnati?

With the price of homes at an all-time high, many homeowners want to increase their property's value to get the most for their investments. This may lead you to ask questions like, "Will a new roof increase appraisal value?" Continue reading to explore how a roof replacement in Cincinnati makes a wise return on investment. 

How Does a New Roof Result in a Property Value Increase?

Will a new roof increase appraisal value? Yes, it can, providing the following benefits and more.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Falling shingles, damaged roofing, and discolored patches make a bad first impression and can deter potential buyers from wanting to pay top dollar for homes.

A new roof creates the best look for homes. It creates a clean slate for color schemes, complementary landscaping, and more to bring in potential buyers.

Protect and Support Cincinnati Homes

The roof is responsible for protecting a property from the elements. An older roof can't do that job quite as well; if a home has a new roof, then potential buyers can worry less about damage in the future.

Extend Warranty Length on Cincinnati Homes

New roof installations typically come with some kind of warranty on materials. This warranty covers damages, wear and tear, and other issues with roofing within a specific time frame post-installation. Having this perk can potentially boost your home's value overall. In addition, homeowners can avoid worrying about common roof replacement factors because new roofs last much longer than roofing materials of the past. 

Energy-Efficient Roofing Technology

When choosing a new roof for your Cincinnati home, it’s important to choose energy-efficient roofing materials so the investment is well worth the money and time. For a roofing material and brand to be considered Energy Star-certified, it must have specific qualities prioritizing energy efficiency

Choosing energy-conscious roofing is yet another way to increase property values and save homeowners money on electricity bills over the course of the roof’s lifetime.

Reduce the Risk of an Early Replacement

Many potential buyers don't like the prospect of having to replace their roofs. If you have a new roof, then you can save them the hassle, which may increase your property's overall value.

Hire Cincinnati Area Roofers

Now that it’s clear a new roof increases appraisal value, it’s time to contact roofing professionals who can direct roofing installation needs with accurate answers and quotes. Hiring a roof contractor who provides high-quality work and top-tier craftsmanship is important for ultimate peace of mind.

Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling, a family-owned and operated company, offers financing options and over 20 years of experience to all homeowners for the best roofing installations and repairs in Cincinnati. When you work with their professionals, you'll get expert results that are sure to raise property values.

Will a new roof increase appraisal value? Yes, it will; get one installed with help from reliable professionals. Contact Crown Pointe Roofing & Remodeling to schedule a free roofing service estimate today!